Design for assembly

High-pressure die cast products can combine several functions and so can be supplied ready to assemble. This allows you to considerably simplify an original design.

Electrical and thermal conductivity

Both materials have good electrical and thermal conductivity. Among other things, this makes them suitable for heatsinks, the shape of which can be ideally extruded.

Electromagnetic shielding

The basic properties of the raw materials ensure that they are ideally suitable for shielding against electromagnetic disturbance, e.g. as housing for electronic systems.

Accuracy and freedom of design

Extremely accurate casting tolerances and the smooth surface finish guarantee the perfect fit with a minimum of finishing. 

About Pedeo

Pedeo is a development partner and reliable supplier of finished and assembled high-pressure die cast products in zinc and aluminium alloys. With our creative full-service approach and our ready accessibility, we are able to establish a successful partnership quickly.

High pressure die casting

High pressure die casting of zinc and aluminium alloys is the most precise of all the casting techniques. It enables the production of complex components whilst reducing or entirely eliminating the need for any final processing. This technique is ideal for the cost effective production of both medium and large volumes.

Sustainable products

Both aluminium and zinc are ideally suitable as the base materials for sustainable products because of their:

  • large natural stocks of ores of both materials.
  • recyclability
  • “near net shape” design possibilities of the high pressure die casting technique.
  • all the alloys we use meet the standards of RoHS, REACH and ELV.

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