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About Pedeo

Pedeo is a development partner and reliable supplier of finished and assembled high-pressure die cast products in zinc and aluminium alloys. With our creative full-service approach and our ready accessibility, we are able to establish a successful partnership quickly.

Both aluminium and zinc are ideally suitable as the base materials for sustainable products because of their:

Sustainable products

  • large natural stocks of ores of both materials.
  • recyclability
  • “near net shape” design possibilities of the high pressure die casting technique.
  • all the alloys we use meet the standards of RoHS, REACH and ELV.

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High pressure die casting

The die casting process consists in injecting molten metal at high speed and under high pressure in a high grade mould. Filling times are 10 to 50 milliseconds. The gate speed of the metal is 20 to 40 m/sec. Specific pressures on the metal are 200-500 bar for zinc alloys and 400-1000 bar for aluminium alloys. The temperature is 425°C for zinc alloys and 670°C for aluminium alloys. Die casting machines and peripheral equipment are completely automated and the process parameters are controlled.

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Westerring 25
B-9700 Oudenaarde

T +32 55 33 58 80
F +32 55 33 58 90

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