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U can get to pedeo on the following ways:

From Brussels, Antwerp, Gent:

  • E17 direction ‘Kortrijk’
  • E17 exit 8 (‘De Pinte – Oudenaarde – Zevergem’) N60 direction 'Oudenaarde'
  • After 15 km: Industrial Zoning of 'Oudenaarde' (see figure), left at roundabout at ‘Samsonite’, follow route (Ring II) parallel to N60 (Direction Gent)

From Paris, Lille (Rijsel):

  • Do not follow Gand (Gent), Bruxelles, Valenciennes ; but take the N227 Roubaix, Villeneuve d’Asq
  • When you are on the N227 follow the indication Gent (Gand), Tourcoing
  • Then follow indication A22/E17 Gent (Gand), Tourcoing
  • From the border France-Belgium follow E17 for 26 km until exit nr. 6 Kruishoutem (N459)
  • N459 direction Oudenaarde After +/- 8 km, at the crossing with the N60 (= under the bridge) immediately turn left direction Gent ( = N60), till the first roundabout.
  • At the roundabout turn right (Ring II) and immediately left to the road that lays next to the N60. At the end of the road you will find Pedeo

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